Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ladies night out got a little hotter than expected...

So, on Thursday evening I met up with my sister, Amy, and some ladies from her church (that I didn't know YET) to get a pedicure in Frisco. I hardly ever get pedicures, so this was an extremely relaxing and exciting event for me. Well, it started out relaxing, and ended very stressful (stayed pretty exciting the whole time).

After getting my toes painted the color "Lava Lamp" (don't you love the names of fingernail polish???), Amy and I were the last ones out of the salon. When we walked out, we noticed a couple ladies trying to open the hoods of their car to jump one of the cars off. After seeing them struggling for a few minutes, I decided that I could be the hero, and fix the car. I mean, I had seen my dad do it many times, so it couldn't be that difficult right?!

Well After calling my dad to ensure I didn't do anything completely stupid, I had managed to unscrew the weird plastic thing that was over the battery, and hooked both of the clamps to the "correct" post on the battery of the car which wouldn't start. I then managed to connect the positive clamp up to the new Tahoe. Now, it was the moment of truth one clamp left. Amy had this one, and clamped it up to the metal "ground," and then came the "stressful" part of the evening...

SPARKS, SMOKE, MELTING CABLES & FIRE - all of which occurred in the next oh... 60 seconds or so. At this point my heart was stuck somewhere below my belly button, and I was very close to tears - I mean I had just started a couple fires in other people's cars!

Well by the time the TWO firetrucks and a police car made it to the salon parking lot, the fire had burned out and no one was hurt (Thank you Lord!). Not only was this terrible and embarrassing and all things awful, but it was the middle of the Mavs game, so the firemen were upset as well!

I was completely confused with this entire event, since I was pretty sure I had connected everything correctly, so when the Fireman called me over to the "Scene," they explained that that the cables connecting the car to it's batter had been labeled wrong. I was a little relieved to find this out, but the moral of the story---

When jumping a car off, ALWAYS read the labels on the battery, NOT the ones on the cables.

So... I now have another "Expensive lesson learned" to add to my list.

  • A free dog is NOT really free.
  • Always check the cost of shipping before selling orders of cookies.
  • and... ALWAYS read the labels on the battery, NOT the ones on the cables.
On a different note, I have the "After" picture of the night stand.

And the winner is...

I also had some extra wall paper, so I lined the inside of the drawers with it.

It's still shabby, and if I had a yard or a garage or something, I might paint it, but for now, its just great!

I'm thinking about a posting a recipe next. So stayed tuned!


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