Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thank you God for...

-giving me the most adorable TINY doll house to live in. I really love it.
-allowing me to have wonderful friends who choose to eat at Jason's Deli :)... I love Jason's
-green lights all the way to work this morning... allowing me to be only 6 minutes late this morning :)
-Our BIG fluffy white comforter... I really can't wait to get into bed every night... maybe that's why I'm usually in bed in the nines :) ( Or maybe its because I have a very very handsome man who is will to get in there with me :) )
-opening doors.
-closing doors.
- Oh THANK you GOD for Brad. I love him so much.. thank you for giving him patience with me. Thank you for giving him the strength to endure my whining and complaining about budgeting... AND my clothes all over the place and my hatred for dish washing.

ANDDDD thank you for allowing us to be married for exactly 2 months.

Amen :)
PS: Picture of the night we were engaged!

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