Sunday, July 10, 2011

"One day I'm going to have THAT in my house..."

Currently, Brad, myself and Lily (Our really cute, sweet and wonderful chocolate lab) are all sharing about 650 sq. ft of apartment. Well, you know that feeling you get when you go on a REALLY long road trip, and you start to get annoyed with the person sitting next to you? Well I think Brad and Lily are starting to feel that way about each other. In the last two days, Lily has chewed the soles out of two pairs of Brad's shoes. Also, Brad and I both like to do projects, so we're just getting a little anxious to have some room to work.

As a way to allow myself the feeling of having a "project," I've been designing my "one day" house. I've been scouring the web, and have found some great DIY projects and designs. Check em' out!

Below is the "Shutter wall" I'm DEFINITELY going to recreate. In fact I bought about eight shutters for $20.00 at a garage sale yesterday.

Also, I've recently gotten on a burlap kick. I love these dainty white curtains coupled with the rough, more masculine tie back and crystals. I found this on a precious blog called Buckets of Burlap.

I found about a million cool things to do with old ladders. I've pasted a couple ideas below:

And "one day" I'm going to have a swing hanging in my bedroom...

I'm looking forward to sharing more "One day" posts with you, and hopefully "one day" I'll be able to show you the REAL THING. :)

I do, however, have a fun and easy "today" project to share with you. First, I just have to say I have an AWESOME husband. Brad woke up with me in the 7's on a Saturday morning, and headed out to a morning of non-stop garage sales. One of my favorite finds was 5 brass candle sticks we picked up for $.50 each (what a deal right?!). I cleaned them up and gave a quick spray of grey spray paint and wa-la... Updated/Retro candle stick holders.

These candle stick holders have a great shape, and I love all of the different heights, but they also have some old wax plastered on.

A little lesson I learned from my sweet mom-in-law... dip the holders (Or glass votives) in very hot water. (Be careful the metal gets seriously HOT!)

Pull them out using tongs or something to keep from burning your little phalanges. :) Wipe them clean and dry using a paper towel.

Ok.... so here's where have to I admit to Brad... "I should have used a primer." ok I did it...

Sadly, I like to cut corners, so I didn't prime the holders, but I really do recommend adding that little step.

I just used a glossy grey spay paint, but it covered pretty well.

And there ya go. A cute and quick Sunday project.

Thanks for hanging out!


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